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Jal Jhulani Ekadashi at City Palace, Udaipur

Posted by on Sunday, September 15th, 2013

After forty five days of the Krishna Janmashthami, the Jal Jhulani Gyaras will be celebrated today. The celebration begins at the Vishnu Temple at the City Palace, Udaipur followed by a Ramrewari procession of Pitambarraiji Maharaj in the evening. The devotees carry Thakur ji in a silver palki to Lake Pichola, chanting the words ‘Haathi ghoda palki, jai kanhaiya lal ki’. The procession will proceed to Rameshwar Ghat (the promenade). Here, the lord will be given a bath in the freshly arrived lake water which is considered sacred during the Shukla Paksha or the waxing phase of the moon.

A procession on Jal Jhulani is also organised from Shree Eklingji Temple to Indrasarovar in which the silver idol of Ganeshji is seated in the silver Ramrewari and carried for worshipping on the promenade of Indrsarovar alongwith Jageshwarji Mahadeoji.

After Jal Poojan (water bath) and Shaligram Poojan, the procession will return to temple premises for Aarti. Thereafter symbolic blessings are made by the priest of court in terms of mantra chanting and prasada to Shriji Arvind Singh of Mewar. This ceremony is called Ashika and marks the end of Jal Jhulani Ekadashi.


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