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Seeking the Sacred – Photographic Exhibition starts today in Strasbourg and coming to Udaipur

Posted by on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Starting today, the ‘sacred in Udaipur’ will be exhibited in the LIBRAIRIE KLÉBER, STRASBOURG. The exhibition titled ‘Seeking the Sacred – Photographic Exhibition (Viewpoints – Strasbourg – Udaipur)’. The exhibition is organised by the City of Strasbourg, France and the Festiv Musiq Sacrees Monde: Strasbourg. The exhibition is a part of the festival ‘Sacrées Journées of Strasbourg’ and will be on display from 22nd May to 18th June 2013. It will also travel to Udaipur later this year and be on display at The City Palace Museum, Udaipur.

The exhibition features the photographs of Mr Albert Huber, an acclaimed photographer from Strasbourg, who visited Udaipur in April this year. Mr Huber’s photographs capture the living heritage of Udaipur and the multi-religion richness of its people. (

Photographs capturing the ‘Sacred in Strasbourg’ by Ms Anuradha Sarup complement Mr Huber’s photographs of the living heritage of Udaipur at the exhibition. On the invitation from the City of Strasbourg and supported by the Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation, Udaipur, she travelled to Strasbourg in March-April to photograph the Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities that form the rich cultural diversity of the city. Ms Sarup has been photographing Udaipur since 2001-02 ( as a resource-person with MMCF.

The festival ‘Sacrées Journées of Strasbourg’ is a 3 day celebration of sacred music from across the world. The 2013 programme includes 16 performances, devoted to 6 different religions from 10 countries.

The artists from India are:

  1. Ms Shantala Subramanyam , Ensemble Dakshin (Flute)
  2. Bombay Jayashree Ramnath (Carnatic music)

The exhibition ‘Seeking the Sacred - Photographic Exhibition (Viewpoints – Strasbourg – Udaipur)’ is an activity under the Joint Co-operation Programme (JCP) which was signed between Indian Heritage Cities Network Foundation, UNESCO India Office, New Delhi; Udaipur Municipal Council; The City of Strasbourg (Municipalite de Strasbourg), France and Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation (MMCF), Udaipur for three years 2011-2013 to strengthen Udaipur’s knowledge base, develop a framework and undertake activities to preserve its heritage and develop international collaboration and partnerships for heritage-based projects in Udaipur . The exhibition aims to encourage international community participation and to work on the sustainable development of Living Heritage based on the strength of its traditions.

MMCF believes that the exhibition will open new avenues of understanding between people and provide access to various artists of different faiths. The exhibition will inspire creativity and stimulate international research digital knowledge exchange.

For more detail on the Udaipur-Strasbourg Joint Co-operation Programme please visit

For details on programme, please click here


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