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Technology meets heritage.

Posted by Ekip Ebedi Mewar on Monday, May 16th, 2016

The centuries of heritage contained in the mammoth structures of history are unmatched in architecture and beauty. Nike Air Max 90 Femme Besides, they have too But the mammoth structures call for immense labour to clean and preserve them to perfection, without causing harm to the structure. This is where laser comes as their remedy; cleaning artefacts and high value ornamented areas without affecting the original material underneath!

Why Laser?
Laser, for ages has been known to cut, weld or drill; but laser as a cleaning tool for heritage conservation is the new technology attraction for India. Laser surface cleaning is a residue free cleaning technology, used for controlled cleaning, reducing the chances of damaging underneath stratums. nike air max femme pas cher Even on extremely fragile structures, with multitude layers of dirt and pollution; laser technology gives the opportunity to operate and clean gently. fjallraven kanken pas cher It ablates the pollution deposits without harming the object/structure as there is no contact between the instrument and the surface to be treated. A high degree of control is obtained as it can accurately clean very small areas, bringing a radical difference in heritage conservation.

What are the challenges?
Being a new technology, the high cost factors may pose a concern for many. nike air max pas cher Moreover the scarcity of experts available to handle the instrument is a bigger challenge. Kopen nike air max schoenen The pace of work is another concern area as the process is time consuming.

While the high estimated cost and workmanship may keep people thinking, the advantages are also many. It is important to understand that technology and traditional methods go hand in hand, coming to rescue whenever the conventional methods pose a short hand. However the governing criterion ultimately is the authenticity and integrity of the structure, which is the ultimate priority.

As an MMCF representative, how were you able to contribute to the workshop delegates?
The House of Mewar is a significant and appropriate example of a Living Heritage site where restoration and preservation are ongoing tasks. The City Palace, Udaipur is amongst the famous world museums where the conservation carried out can be great case studies for historians and students. adidas uk store The most recent example is Amar Mahal housed within The City Palace, Udaipur. The management strategies implemented here to upgrade the museum as per the International standards and have a Universal accessibility approach is worth a read.


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