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Eternal Mewar

The House of Mewar, acknowledged as the world’s oldest-serving dynasty, has faced challenges, which have tested the maintenance of the Custodianship form of governance and the Custodian’s commitmen t to carry on serving as The Diwan of Shree Eklingnath ji.

In 1947 with India’s Independence and again in 1971, with the abolition of Princely Privileges, the office of the Custodian necessitated reinventions. In 1984 the mantle of 76th Custodian devolved upon Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur. The original status of Custodian, as provided in the Constitution of India, ceased to exist. The challenge, therefore, for Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur was to bring the different identities of inheritance under one umbrella.

Eternal Mewar is conceptualized to provide the vision for the 21st century, it expresses, embodies and encompasses the core values, principles and the legacy of the House of Mewar. Eternal Mewar covers all the activities of the House of Mewar.

Eternal Mewar has also emerged as a unique heritage brand exemplifying hospitality, cultural preservation, philanthropy, education, sports & spirituality for global audiences.

Message from the 76th. Custodian

The founding of ‘The State of Mewar’ and its governance is rooted in the solemn decree, of Maharishi Harit Rashi , the guru to Bapa Rawal and the founding father of ‘Family Mewar’; that he will administrate the State of Mewar as a ‘Diwan’ (prime minister) and not as a ‘King’. As per this commitment, succeeding head of the family of Mewar have always fulfilled the sacred position as trustee of Shree Eklingnath ji, a manifestation of Lord Shiva who is the Eternal Ruler of Mewar. All the successors of Bapa Rawal are hereditary ‘Diwans’ of Shree Eklingnath ji and Trustees of Mewar.

The governance of the State of Mewar was thus based on this unique concept of ‘Trusteeship’ and ‘Custodianship’. This form of governance ensures an inbuilt, self-motivated accountability that is crucial for long-term stability.

Custodianship of the erstwhile Mewar resided in its day-to-day governance; as a service to the supreme authority unquestioned by the bounds of legalities and ownership for centuries. Faced with such issues in the democratic environment, the House of Mewar judiciously dispersed the governance of their residual heritage into a set of ‘Charities’ and ‘Businesses’ that would conform and could function within the now constitutionally defined legal norms. These organisations effectively operated as individual entities steered by the core values of the House of Mewar for more than two decades.

At the turn of the millennium, I envisaged that all enterprises need to collectively carry the continuity and responsibility of Custodianship and present a role model of governance and sustenance for this century.

It is this overarching vision, first penned down by me some time in the late 80′s in the document ‘Inheritance 76′ that has evolved and transformed into the 21st century Heritage Brand of Eternal Mewar.

The House of Mewar represents the longest serving, unbroken custodianship in the world. A custodianship that transcends all boundaries of kingship, democracy and everything in between. Founded on the teacher-pupil principles by the Guru of our founding father Bapa Rawal, Maharishi Harit Rashi, this custodianship continues to manifest the cardinal rules for governance through the concept of values and precedence yet providing for flexibility of action.

Eternal Mewar is thus iconic of centuries of custodianship and protection of the core values of the House of Mewar, which has stood the test of time.

The key objective of Joint Custodianship Programme of Eternal Mewar is holistic sustainability; cultural, environmental, social and economic. To achieve these objectives we constantly strive for a greater awareness of Eternal Mewar and fundraising for its multifaceted projects, events and activities.

Eternal Mewar is a timeless custodianship that continues to create benchmarks in governance, a role model of sustainability, an icon of Heritage, Tradition and Culture of Mewar and an Unbroken Legacy since 734 AD.

I extend a special invitation to the ‘People of Mewar’ and ‘People of the World’, Leaders and Philanthropists, Corporate Houses, National and International Banks, Foundations, Trusts and NGO’s working in similar focus areas and Central and State Government Organisations to become a Joint Custodian of Eternal Mewar and partner with us to share the responsibility of fulfilling the objectives.

Arvind Singh Mewar
76th. Custodian House of Mewar
Eternal Mewar
The Palace
Udaipur 313 001, Rajasthan, India


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