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Renew your vows with HRH

Posted by Team Eternal Mewar on Monday, April 20th, 2015

If renewal of marital vows is not just another excuse for you to party, read on. A marriage anniversary is a celebration of the precious person in your life and all that you have achieved and lived through together. It’s not just about renewing your vows but also reaffirm. And make up for the ones that went unfulfilled. All promises big and small. Now, a special celebration rightfully demands a special setting! HRH brings you bespoke venues and magical settings to do just that. And that too in the presence of all your loved ones. Our venues can accommodate the ‘Karan Johar’ signature sizes of gatherings to the modern short and sweet guest lists.  All modern facilities packaged in a grand way while ensuring that you get the truly local flavour of Mewar and its hospitality in such settings, makes your experience perfect. This coupled with the always-ready staff that sports warm smiles all along and become your extended family by the time you’re ready to leave.

So, whether your marriage is seasoned or still fresh the magic both of you share must be celebrated over and over again.  With HRH, it doesn’t just end there! Just wait until you get hundreds of phone calls and messages from people saying ‘immaculate service’ and ‘wonderful experience’. And few days later, when you upload the photographs on Facebook and watch the likes go up in seconds, with comments and ‘oohhhs’ and ‘aahhs’. And you think to yourself, maybe once wasn’t enough!

To book your wedding anniversary at HRH, please call  +91 98293 74422 or email

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