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Mewar… Timeless and eternal.

Posted by Admin on Friday, August 4th, 2017

Mewar is a region nestled in Southern and Central Rajasthan, and before it became a princely state under the British rule, it was, for many centuries, a Rajput Kingdom.

The word ‘Mewar’ conjures visions of royalty, grandeur, bravery and romance. It also spells colour, music, art and dance. How can you not be enchanted by such a mesmerizing place?

Every stone has a story to tell, every pillar contains secrets, and every corner holds treasures that can never be measured in money. Over hundreds of years, so many tales have been added and much has happened, but so much has still remained unchanged and untouched. Timeless and eternal.

The custodians of Eklingeshwar:

The rulers of Mewar used the title of Maharana (Custodian or Prime Minister) rather than Maharaja (King or Emperor) because they considered themselves as the guardians of the Hindu Civilization epitomized by the temple of Shree Eklingnathji, a manifestation of Lord Shiva.

The founder of the Mewar Dynasty, Bappa Rawal built the original shrine, on the shore of the Lake Indra Sarovar. The present temple was restored by Maharana Mokai and the four-sided ‘Lingam’ made of black marble was installed by Maharana Raimal with a silver ‘Nandi’ bull installed just outside. The temple walls also enclose 108 smaller shrines built around the central temple housing the sanctum sanctorum.

Since the Maharanas have always considered Lord Shiva as the Supreme Ruler and Shiva is the Eternal, the phrase ‘Eternal Mewar’ has yet another dimension.

An unbroken legacy:

The House of Mewar has had unbroken custodianship of the region since 734 AD and have carried the legacy, the value system and the core commitment of the royal family to its people, ever since.

This region is not only known for its Maharanas and the battles they fought and won, but also for its music, art, architecture, textiles, handicrafts and dance.

In 1984 the mantle of 76th Custodian was placed upon Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur. ‘Eternal Mewar’ was conceived as a vision statement for the 21st century and has been formed to create and embody the soul and the core value system of this royal legacy.

Eternal Mewar has also emerged as a unique heritage brand exemplifying hospitality, cultural preservation, philanthropy, education, sports & spirituality for a global audience.
No matter where you go…

Each time you travel to this region, you discover more of Mewar and get a deeper glimpse even within yourself.

That is what Mewar is all about. Whoever has visited here, takes back a part of Mewar in their soul and carries it forever, no matter where they go…


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