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Maharana Udai Singh I

Ruling Period: 1468 – 1473

Maharana Udai Singh IThe Rajputana land is infused with the courage and bravery of its warrior sons; their blood smeared desert soil is a symbol of Rajputana glory. Mewar produced abundant proud legends; sagas of valour, chivalry and freedom. But every coin has another side and every era dooms in its own darkness. The land of Mewar too had a black sheep of its own.

Born to one of the most celebrated heroes of Mewar, Rana Kumbha, the undefeated Maharana; Prince Uda, Udaikaran or Udai Singh is one of the most despised sons of Mewar. Being the heir to Rana Kumbha, his ascension to throne was imminent. But the power driven young Udai Singh failed to wait to pave his way towards the throne. In an act of patricide, he killed his own father Rana Kumbha; while he was offering prayers to his deity, Lord Eklingji.

With the sad demise of its hero, Mewar was thwarted. Udai Singh proclaimed himself as the new king and came to power. He ruled Mewar for a small span of five years; till he was defeated by his own brother Raimal and had to flee from Mewar. He was a feeble ruler and because of his incompetency, Mewar lost the territories of Abu and Ajmer. He fled to Delhi and offered his daughter to the Sultan of Delhi in marital alliance in return for his support. But fate had its own plans and Udai Singh was struck by lightning before the marriage, and died on the spot.

The legacy of the Suryavanshi kings of Mewar was tarnished by their own son and such was the hatred that many omitted him from the genealogies of Mewar. He was nicknamed ‘murderer’ and the condemned Rana Udai Singh was diluted in the history.


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