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Salute to the ability beyond disability

Posted by on Thursday, September 19th, 2013

City Palace, Mewar’s icon of sustainability, will stand tall and proud on 28th September and flag off the longest drive by a paraplegic woman across the country. The City Palace couldn’t have been more proud of the women of today for fighting against all challenges that life could throw at them. And more so, Deepa Malik for taking the bold step forward keeping all limiting circumstances at bay and helping others emerge as well.

Deepa is a daughter to an army officer and has the grit of one too. She is one of the most severely disabled and aged sports persons, who started her journey in sports at the age of 36. She has been a nominee at the London Olympics 2012 with a number of medals under her belt. She has braved the chest-below paralysis and 183 stitches on her spine. She has no bladder control and no sensation in her body below chest level. She is wheel-chair bound and needs an attendant 24 x 7 to assist, shift and wheel her. But her passion is limitless. Her passion to drive took her to the Desert and the Himalayan Rallies in a modified car and on a motor-bike. And here she is, all set for the longest drive across the country. Not just this, she has sacrificed her trainings several times to help her teams and has been one inspiring woman all along!

This is not the first time that Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur has supported her initiatives. The first was early this year for her drive through the Thar and Rann of Kutch. Now its time for a drive from Chennai to New Delhi (approx. 3000 km). This will also be a drive to spread awareness amongst students and NGOs working for the physically challenged. Now that’s what we call the real drive.  Good going, Deepa Malik!

For a closer look at Deepa’s life, please click here.


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