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This wedding will be a marriage of the golden past with a shining present

Posted by on Sunday, August 18th, 2013

The wedding preparations are progressing jet-speed in the House of Mewar with each event taking place in the same elaborate style as used to be. In today’s time of overwhelming technology, most of us find e-invites the best way out. But the House of Mewar thinks otherwise. Even today, it prides itself in carrying out the much treasured customs and traditions, exactly how they were back then. To think of it, don’t we all still strive to follow the beautiful tradition of personal invitations? The roots never die after all! And why should they?

At the House of Mewar, the Manwar Patrika (  Invitation to God) is followed by ‘KumKum Patrika’ which is a ceremony in itself. KumKum is turmeric or saffron powder and considered auspicious for religious Indian ceremonies. This invite is for the closest family members like the married sisters or the uncle of the Maharana. In full grandeur, the rich brocade-clad invitation is carried out by a noble or a high standing officer of the court and hand-delivered to the esteemed guests. To the other invitees, this invitation reaches by post.

The royal house joyously looks forward to the wedding of Baojiraj Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar of Udaipur with Maharaj Kumari Nivritti Kumari Singh Deo of Patna Balangir. The family is busy preparing for all the ceremonies yet to take place. In the same majestic opulence, of course!



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