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‘CIO-Asia’s top 100 index’ and it’s no more just a dream, it is real!

Posted by on Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

It was an ambitious dream to get enlisted in ‘CIO-Asia’s top 100 index’ and it’s no more just a dream, it is real!

It is a moment of pride for all at HRH and specially team at the IT department. I must say that all team members have worked with utmost sincerity towards a single goal of achieving excellence through sustainable solutions in the field of IT.

I may not be able to name all however mentioning few of them is must who are just like solid pillars holding and supporting the IT department- Shailendra, Hemant, Nitin, Rajendra, Mukesh, Mihir, Sumit, Amit, Ritesh, Shekhar, Pranav, Mukesh & Avinash . Being a part of such a loyal and talented team always brings a sense of pride where few of them have worked with the organization for more than 12 years and most of them for 5years at least!

I remember, this journey towards the success had started with an understanding of the vision shared by respected CMD, Shriji Arvind Singh ji Mewar who has always guided us towards innovative and self sustainable IT solutions. These should not only be cost effective but also support business operations across all verticals.

With micro level knowledge of processes especially of hospitality industry and competent and tested-solutions, we wish to explore new avenues & provide I.T. services to the world because I.T is one of our (HRH) core competencies & ‘CIO-Asia’s top 100 index’ proves the same now!

Jai Mewar.


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