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‘Leadership Next 100’ column of ITNext Sept 2012 issue

Posted by on Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Mr. Vijay Choudhary, DGM-IT, HRH Group Of Hotels talks about his Dream Project, Dream Industry, Dream Courses and Dream Role in the ‘Leadership Next 100′ Column of ITNext, September 2012 Issue.

You can also read the article here:

“My dream role would be that of a ‘CIO’ sitting in the co-driver’s seat, helping the CEO to drive business agility and transformation”

Your Dream Project

I have always aspired to lead a dream project whenever I notice business problems and then tried my best to apply technology to fix it. Being in the hospitality industry and management of IT infrastructure, my dream project is something which can be a BI tool, where in the system draws up the future strategies, while taking inputs from the environment, industry, research organisations, in-house data. It will be about coping with Big Data advantage and its analytical capabilities.

Your Dream industry

The service industry accounts for the maximum in our GDP growth. Hospitality and tourism is one of the prime drivers of this segment, and I have been working in this segment for the past 13 plus years, it’s my favorite as technology is always at the forefront playing a big role. The reasons I love to be part of the hospitality industry are:

 Being in the hospitality industry, we face/learn about varied processes/people/technology stakeholders.

Unique Work flow integration:
 The IT department is like an organisation in itself,running within an organisation. Even the smallest department is integrated with the main core application/platform because the most important factor is uninterrupted guest services.

Respect given to IT:
 High and deserving.

Team work:
 In this sector, the team’s work is immediately reflected in quick ‘guest/client feedback.’ It’s required as a strong KPI measuring business insight.

Dream Courses\Certifications

I have enrolled myself for research, for a Ph.D. I also plan to do ITIL, CISM and PMP, the globally accredited and accepted certifications. To achieve academic excellence and to acquire a research mindset, I am pursuing my dream course – a Ph.D. and getting into intricacies of how research work is done. The aim is to cover various methodologies, report writing, study statistics and analytics, mentor the next generation of IT leaders and beneficiary communities. The Ph.D. is already under way. I will start on other professional certifications from January 2013 onwards.

Your Dream Role

My dream role would be that of a ‘CIO’ sitting in the co-driver’s seat helping the CEO towards complete business agility/transformation/innovation. I’ll look forward to wearing a business cap in addition to technology responsibility. It is indeed my favorite, as it offers greater space for innovation. ITNext has already geared me up by bestowing the ITnext100 award in 2011. As a Next100 winner. I was able to recognize my potential and I am now putting in more efforts to understand what inventory of skills really matters to reach a CIO’s position


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