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Freedom is mine. And I shall have it.

Posted by on Friday, May 17th, 2013

A salute to the seamless courage and unquestionable principles. A salute to the sacrifice that inspires millions till date. Here’s a salute to a man of steel of the yester years who remains alive in the heart of Mewar – Maharana Pratap (r. 1572-1597). The 54th Custodian of The House of Mewar, he was the only Rajput who braved and defeated the Mughals in the battle of Haldigati, 1576. H e will always be remembered for his admirable struggle for breaking away from the chains of foreign suzerain. Independence of his realm and preservation of its principles governed the life of this icon of liberty.

As the first freedom fighter in the annals of India, he was the precursor and inspiration for Mahatma Gandhi himself. To the people at large, he is known forever as “the Light and Life of the Hindu Community.”


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