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I shall live in the hearts and actions of my people

Posted by on Sunday, May 19th, 2013

The rulers of Mewar have been for fourteen centuries the humble guardians of a trust vested in them in perpetuity. Maharana Pratap’s name has been immortalised far beyond the confines of Udaipur, Mewar, in books and poems written in several languages like Sanskrit, Rajasthani, Hindi, Gujarati and English.
His outstanding courage, his respect of Human Rights, his just administration, his encouragement of arts, and his undiluted protection offered to the great and sacred land of India, is emulated even today. Plays and poems were written to celebrate Pratap’s glory, and countless children have been named after him in the course of the ensuing four centuries. Following his vows taken during his greatest trial, even today, the head of the family will place leaves beneath his plate and grass under his bed on certain days of the year in token respect to the vow of Pratap and the humility of his example.

Arvind Singh Mewar, who became the 76th Custodian of The House of Mewar in 1984, has taken-up the mantle of carrying forward Maharana Pratap’s duties and responsibilities towards the people of Udaipur. Innumerable efforts are being made by him to carry the torch once lit by Maharana Pratap.


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