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Long Exposure ready to enchant you again!

Posted by on Sunday, May 26th, 2013

On 30th May, the Zenana Mahal at City Palace Museum, Udaipur will be seen adorned with the archival pictorial treasures of Mewar given a face-lift with new framing. The photo gallery, Long Exposure: The Camera at Udaipur, 1857-1957 has been drawing thousands of eye-balls and leaving people awed since March 2009. The photographs are from Maharana Shambhu Singh (r. 1861-1874) to the time of Maharana Bhagwat Singh (r. 1955-1984). There are portraits, hand painted photographs, Carte-de-visite, Albumen Print, Gelatin Silver print etc. And not by one single photographer!

Long Exposure, after being closed for public view for a brief span of time for re-framing of some pictures is ready to take you back in time to experience the royalty once again. This time with deeper conviction.

The revived collection will be inaugurated on 30th May at The Bhagwat Prakash Photo Gallery at The City Palace Museum by Mr. Vikas S. Bhale, IAS, District Collector and District Magistrate, Udaipur, Rajasthan. Post inauguration, Long Exposure will be open for public view from 31st May 2013.

A special thanks to Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar for his enthusiastic support in extracting the old treasures. It would not have been thinkable without him. Stay tuned with us for the regular action on Long Exposure.


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