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Old is gold. Our efforts today will keep it glittering tomorrow

Posted by on Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

As part of a routine check, MMCF makes a conscious effort to regularly ensure that as we try to beautify and repair heritage to keep it shining always, we do not harm it in return. Such efforts give an insight into how heritage buildings can be planned for modern usage while maintaining the environment along with the legend itself.

Aims and Objectives of these initiatives are:

  • Water management, which would include digging new wells, reservoirs, dams, recycling, etc.
  • Prevention and control of air, water and noise pollution
  • Protection of trees, vegetation and wildlife
  • Promotion of the use of passive energy systems.
  • Protection and development of existing ecology and wildlife.

Recently, Synergy Environics Ltd, New Delhi was at City Palace again to study subtle Bio-Electro Magnetic energies (Energy corrections and Enhancement) in the palace, Udaipur premises and their impact on people and functions. Their study covers the background, objective, scope, methodology, time, cost, organisation set-up and projects with a note on subtle energies and the various aspects of the premises. This study will present a further insight and help other architectural, archaeological and scholastic studies.


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