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Splendour of Silver is out with a catalogue!

Posted by on Monday, September 16th, 2013

The gallery at the City Palace has sure been spreading its silvery charisma over its visitors since the launch. A repository of the much cherished artefacts and items of use from the royal house of Mewar, the Splendour of Silver is a vivid example of art, luxury and preservation. It also houses the religious items carved out in silver that were used to honour the deity at the Shree Eklingnath ji Temple. A tour through the gallery transports you to a world that leaves you awestruck and wondering if even a fraction of it is possible in today’s time!

The overwhelming response provoked Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation (MMCF) to launch a catalogue for the gallery that could capture the splendor and make it available for the world to experience. The catalogue is a lavish visual representation of every object in the exhibition. It includes a detailed description of each object from its age to the purpose to how it was used and much more makes the catalogue comprehensive. Beautiful pictures of each object and those from the pictorial archives of the Maharanas of Mewar enliven the catalogue.

The catalogue is available for purchase with special discounts on bulk orders. Write to us at to order your copy now!


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