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Swaranjali 2013: when pure music befalls, it mesmerises its listeners and the singers along!

Posted by on Monday, October 21st, 2013

Guru Poornima celebrated with the purest form of music in the perfect ambience of Shri Eklingnathji Temple by Eternal Mewar, is growing on people by the year. Those who understand Indian classical music simply close their eyes and drift away. Those w

Click on the thumbnail below to hear it from them and the prominent faces of the industry, what they found at Swaranjali 2013!

Ms. Vaishali Bakhore, Classical Vocalist, Indore

Shri Ram Kirishna Bose; Sitar, Santoor and Table Player, Udaipur

Mr. Ravindra Mishra – A Free Lancer Classical Critic

Ms. Soma Singh, Classical Vocalist, Delhi

Shri Sudhir Yardi, Harmonium Player, Surat

Shri K.C. Malu, Managing Director, Veena Cassettes

Shri Kaivalya Kumar, Classical Vocalist, Dharwad


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