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The land of Mewar still hears music from the iron-shod feet

Posted by on Monday, August 5th, 2013

Come Navratri, the auspicious nine day festival that secures its position in the Hindu calendar, the Rajputs will be seen celebrating will full pomp and show. The ninth day is celebrated by paying tribute to all aspects of life that a Rajput’s life depends on. The horse, being a prime one, is given due respect and worshipped every year on this day. The ceremony, popularly known as Ashwa Poojan, continues to be conducted in the same grandeur as was done centuries back. Even today, on this day, Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar, the 76th custodian of the House of Mewar, leaves his palace on a beautiful carriage made in England and pulled by six ‘Marwari’ horses to where he sits and pays tribute to this loyal and majestic species.

As the name suggests, ‘Marwari’ horses originated in Marwar and are proudly bred by the House of Mewar. This species is known for being sure-footed even on the rockiest of terrains while being equally at ease in the sand. Excellent battle companions, the Marwari horses have sure been the Rajputs’ best friends.

This year, Ashwa Poojan ceremony will be conducted on Sunday, the 13th of October at 5.30 pm. To know more about Ashwa Poojan, please watch the video below. We’d be happy to hear from you on +91 294 2419021-9 or on

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