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The Udaipur-Strasbourg Duo on a roll to immortalize Udaipur’s endowment

Posted by on Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

A painstaking research was conducted by students from France and Udaipur on the heritage and infrastructure of Udaipur. Conducted over 12 days in February and collated into an insightful presentation at the Durbar Hall, the research enlightened the audience on the historical significance of the city proposing avenues for increased tourism and employment. The topnotch officials were all ears to how the students perceive the city and are beaming with suggestions to safeguard its heritage. Proposals were put forward to introduce a ‘Heritage Walk’ on the paths heading towards Jagdish Temple and City Palace, for one.

Strasbourg is known for its well planned and superbly managed city. Maharana Mewar Charitable Foundation and the City of Strasbourg in their endeavor to exchange knowledge and thoughts in order to preserve their heritage have come together as partners under the Joint Co-opeartion Programme. This agreement  between  Udaipur  Municipal Corporation,  City  of   Strasbourg,  IHCNF  and  MMCF is  supported  by the  Urban  Development  Department,  Government  of Rajasthan and  UNESCO.

Expert group
Sh. H.S.Sancheti (Advisor, Urban Development & Housing Department, Government of Rajasthan)
Sh. R.P. Shar ma (Secretary, UIT)
Sh. S. K. Shrimali (Senior Town Planner, Udaipur Zone, Udaipur)
Sh. Manish Arora (Assistant Engineer, R esponsible for the Udaipur Heritage Cell)
Sh. Manas Sharma(Conservation Architect)
Sh. Jaideep (Professor, Buddha Architecture College, Udaipur)
Sh. Javed (Professor, Buddha Architecture College, Udaipur)

International delegates
Ms. Minja Y ang (Director, International Cooperation, IHCN-F; President RLICC/KU Leuven)
Mr. Alice Delzant (Project Officer , International Relations Department, Strasbourg)
Mr. Francois Nowakowski (Professor, School of Architecture, Strasbourg)
Ms. Anne J aureguiberry (Professor, School of Architecture, Strasbourg)
Ms. Geraldine Mastelli (Urban planner, Strasbourg)


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