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We prepare for the worst and hope for the best

Posted by on Monday, August 19th, 2013

At the City Palace, we strive to ensure that the museum’s architecture along with the invaluable treasures on display remain intact and disaster free. Be it natural disasters like environmental, biological and chemical or man-made disasters like theft, terrorist attack or even structural like cracks, warping, blistered paint etc. Regular workshops on Disaster Management are organized at the City Palace to manage any such crisis in the best way possible if it cannot be avoided. These include exhaustive surveys, drills, researches and knowledge-sharing. As part of it, Mr. Rohit Jigyasu, M.Arch. Dr. of Eng., Conservation & Risk Management Consultant, INDIA was here to share learnings and observations on Risk Management on 14th August.

Eternal Mewar is a living example of protecting the heritage and its protectors. During our workshops and drills, we ensure that the staff is well aware of the surrounding hospitals, police stations, etc that fall in the closest range. It is also ensured that the emergency supplies like first-aid kit, face masks, wheelchairs, stretchers, etc are stocked up and kept handy. Mewar is a dynasty of its people. Along with the architecture, it is our endeavour to protect our esteemed guests and the people who make Mewar!


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