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Braving turbulent waters

Posted by on Monday, September 9th, 2013

When the going gets tough, that’s when we need to get tougher. And doing it innovatively is just like a pinch of salt!

The drastically evolving urban landscape is forcing people to flow with it. Those who happily take the plunge find their shores. Or just barely stay afloat all their lives and basically get nowhere. Those who don’t, suffer the most. Why, in the first place, do we want to change banks when we already have our ship anchored so perfectly? Maybe all that is required is to take what we have and plug it into the new urban ways of life. And make a completely unique identity for ourselves. And yet stay proud of our roots!

To get answers to questions alike and to find an innovative way towards that perfect urban-historic ecosystem is need of the hour. The Indian Heritage Citites Network (IHCN) has taken an initiative to strengthen Indian historic cities and towns to cope with these changes that threaten to destroy India’s diverse living heritage. As part of this inititiave, IHCN is hosting a student competition in partnership with UNESCO New Delhi in conjunction with the 4th Biennial Conference. This competition aims to challenge students to design a Living Heritage Urban Revitalisation Plan. Revolving around the theme ‘How can living heritage contribute to people?’ the competition will make students think beyond traditional heritage conservation and study the physical features and the socio-economic problems faced by these cities and come up with smart and feasible solutions.

The jury comprising of national and international experts will select a winner and two runner-ups being awarded cash prizes of INR 50k, 30k and 20k respectively. MMCF is glad to support this initiative as part of its own endeavour to protect and preserve its own heritage and spread the message to the world.

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