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There shall be health around us

Posted by on Sunday, September 15th, 2013

It cannot be denied that as we swiftly pace towards globalization and the finer aspects of urban living, there is still a large number of our tribal communities that are left unnoticed. These are people who face challenges that could stir up our own souls. And we are not talking of financial challenges or education or even food. We are talking of conditions beyond their own control. Conditions that they may have to live with. Actually, die with.

Vector borne diseases are becoming a potential threat to human health and the socio-economic growth. Mohan Lal Sukhadia University, Udaipur and National Academy of Vector Borne Diseases (NAVBD), Bhubaneshwar have organised the 12th International Conference on Vector and Vector Borne Diseases to be held on 17th September 2013. Centered on the theme ‘VECTOR BORNE DISEASES – Challenges in 21st Century: Their Global Impacts and Strategic Management’, the conference will provide a platform for academics, scientists, pharmaceuticals, medical and public health researchers and experts and common people to join hands to fight with the devastating vector borne diseases. The venue of this conference is none other than the Durbar Hall, Fateh Prakash Palace Convention Centre. MMCF is happy to be able to support this significant cause and looks forward to offer its services for the same in future.


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