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Draped in the green and soaked in the rain

Posted by on Sunday, August 18th, 2013

Hariyali Amavasya, the moonless night of the Shravan month, unites the colours and cultures of Rajasthan and binds them with celebration. The celebration of monsoon. The celebration of miles and miles of green all around. …[Read More]

Derek O’ Brien and Associates @ MMPS

Posted by on Thursday, August 15th, 2013

The Sunday morning ‘Bournvita Quiz Contest’ has always kept us glued to the television sets, racking our brains. Or at least acting to! When we think of the show, instantly the only figure that comes to mind is that of Derek O’ Brien. It cannot be denied that he has been the life of the show. …[Read More]

Haqiqat Bahida – an autobiography by Maharana Sajjan Singh of Udaipur

Posted by on Monday, August 12th, 2013

A ‘Man of Vision’ as he may be called, Maharana Sajjan Singh of Udaipur, has been a ruler that makes the dynasty proud. In his ruling decade (1874 to 1884 AD), he has given so much to Udaipur that he is remembered for and always will be. In fond memories of him and to ensure future generations get to know the real him, Shriji Arvind Singh of Mewar, his 4th successor, has taken an initiative to preserve him in a book. …[Read More]

IIM, Udaipur is back to Fateh Prakash with its Leadership Summit

Posted by on Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

The Durbar Hall has played host to numerous eminent events so far. Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur, being one of the many who returned for an immaculate experience. The overwhelming success of the first Leadership Summit by the institute brought them back for yet another. This time the Guest of Honour had been none other than the icon of Mewar who leads by example – His Highness Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar. Held on 3rd August 2013, the summit was taken to the next level by including the entire Udaipur city.
Based on the theme, ‘Need to Redesign’, three panel discussions involving the stalwarts of the Indian industry shall highlighted: …[Read More]

Going the extra mile towards superior safety of our guests

Posted by on Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

HRH Group of Hotels has always served its guests with the central idea of giving undiluted luxury, responsibly. Our properties have maintained a fine balance between authentic heritage experiences for our guests, a healthy environment and a proud and prosperous local community. It is an extension of the vision and philosophy of the House of Mewar and Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar whose values are rooted with the culture yet inclusive and contemporary. …[Read More]

Millionaire Asia captures the Best of Royal Living in India with Shriji

Posted by on Monday, August 5th, 2013

We know it! Millionaire Asia showcases the lifestyle of the radiant millionaires and caters to niche audience. The Indian chapter of the magazine, for its 6th anniversary edition interviewed Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar on the ‘Living Heritage’. During the interaction, Shriji unveiled to the magazine what is close to his heart, the pleasure of being able to take the legacy forward, his prized collections and learnings of life. And his denotation of luxury, wealth and success in his life. …[Read More]

The land of Mewar still hears music from the iron-shod feet

Posted by on Monday, August 5th, 2013

Come Navratri, the auspicious nine day festival that secures its position in the Hindu calendar, the Rajputs will be seen celebrating will full pomp and show. The ninth day is celebrated by paying tribute to all aspects of life that a Rajput’s life depends on. The horse, being a prime one, is given due respect and worshipped every year on this day. The ceremony, popularly known as Ashwa Poojan, continues to be conducted in the same grandeur as was done centuries back. Even today, on this day, Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar, the 76th custodian of the House of Mewar, leaves his palace on a beautiful carriage made in England and pulled by six ‘Marwari’ horses to where he sits and pays tribute to this loyal and majestic species. …[Read More]

Panghat – The Spa @ Fateh Bagh

Posted by on Friday, August 2nd, 2013

A unique example of preservation of the Rajput architecture, Fateh Bagh was created by carefully relocating 65,000 pieces of a crumbling palace. Call it madness. Or call it undying love. If you’ve been in love, you will feel it embracing you here. If not, this is where you will discover it. In the carefully curved domes and the endless pavilions telling stories of love. In the flourishing orchards and the gurgling river that runs along. And at Panghat – the luxurious Spa and Salon at Fateh Bagh. …[Read More]

Stay rooted with MMCF

Posted by on Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Warren Buffett, the most successful investor and philanthropist of the 20th century once said, “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” Food for thought indeed. …[Read More]

Shikarbadi calling!

Posted by on Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

India’s most romantic city is at its beautiful best now. The royal hunting lodge, Shikarbadi welcomes you to romance the nature in the lap of luxury. And what better time than when you have the most irresistible weekend offer. Yes, the Monsoon Fun Fair * at Shikarbadi is here to make your weekends memorable. So don’t think twice. Just book your visit at Shikarbadi Hotel, Udaipur and splurge! …[Read More]


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