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Maharana Sangram Singh I

Ruling Period: 1509 – 1527

Maharana Sangram Singh IThe desert land of Mewar has produced abundant warriors and their heroic legends. The fables of bravery are infused in this desert soil, every time a son of Mewar is born with his own tale to tell. And amongst the numerous was the mighty Maharana Sangram Singh or as the Rajputs gloriously call him Rana Sanga; the king whose demise marked the beginning of Mughal rule and changed the course of Indian history forever.

Rana Sanga succeeded Mewar after the death of his father Raimal and his two brothers. The crisis of succession led Maharana Sangram Singh to the throne, bringing forth another mighty warrior son of Mewar who fought for his kingdom till the last drop of his blood.

Rana Sanga was not only a great warrior who fought invaders gallantly but also a visionary, under whom many Rajput states united and fought the foreigners. He was a warrior with a resolute as strong as his grandfather Rana Kumbha. It is said that despite losing his one arm, one eye and numerous other grave injuries, he continued fighting his enemies. He is also remembered for his chivalry, when he restored the kingdom of Mandu. After defeating Sultan Mahmud of Mandu and taking him as prisoner of war, he treated him and his kingdom with generosity and chivalry.

Rana Sanga fought the rulers of Delhi, Malwa and Gujarat numerous times during his lifetime defeating them on various accounts. After the assassination of Ibrahim Lodi by Babur, the power in Delhi declined and he emerged as the strongest Hindu king of North India. He decided to conquer Delhi; the most prized possession of Muslim rulers, and bring complete India under his rule.

Rana Sanga, united with the Rajputs fought Babur in the battle of Khanwa which proved to be exceedingly brutal and deadly. Although with initial advantage, the Rajputs lost heavily and Rana Sanga who fell unconscious, was whisked away to safety by his men, after gaining his consciousness and knowing about the defeat, he decided to rebuild his army for war injuries. Rana Sanga died soon because of his injuries. Rana Sanga’s death established the Mughal rule in India marking a new beginning to the history of Indian subcontinent.

  • Godara Suresh

    Gets filled with courage, whenever I read about these Brave sons of Rajasthan, Who says desert is infertile, it has produced sons like him.

  • Priyank rawat

    He was the great king


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